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One size rarely fits all. Call us today at (925) 229-4872 or email us at and we’ll provide a custom quote for your particular needs. Practice hours, tournaments, clinics, camps, corporate outings or birthday parties, we'll take care of you! We provide discounts for off-hour use, bulk seasonal rentals and for Martinez-based teams and non-profit organizations. 

Field Rentals

½ Turf Field (Baseball/Softball):                             $125/Hour

⅓ Turf Field or Court (Soccer/Futsal):                      $70/Hour 

Full Turf Field (Football, Soccer, Lacrosse):                $250/Hour

Multi-Purpose Turf Area:                                        $30/Hour

Batting and Pitching Rentals

Batting/Pitching/Cricket Cages:                           $50/Hour; $30/Half-hour

Soft Toss Cage:                                                   $40/Hour; $25/Half-hour

Conference Room

Full conference room/projector/screen and TV:       $60/Hour

Party Rentals

Ask about our party packages, which include our picnic area or conference room + 2 hour field rentals and guided play hosts if desired. Contact or call during business hours.

Weekend Tournaments/Day Rentals

One day rental (10AM-5PM):                               $2000 + $500 cleaning fee;

Two day rental: (10AM-5PM):                               $4500 

* Price of day/weekend rentals

may vary depending on hours

required and staffing requirement

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